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Before I leave…

Before I leave, I have to share this pic that I found of Jake…Since the day that picture have been taken, the red carpet AND Jake’s bed (to the left)… have been transformed in dog’s crap by Jake himself. Yes, he ate them.

ARGH !!!

I have to apologize with you guys. I am trying to find a new theme for this blog, a theme that is more like *me*. Who knew it would be so difficult ? So if you see a lot of changes, some ugly stuff or some nicer stuff just bear with me !:)

This new theme is called Paperbunch. I am not sure yet if I will keep it, or if I even love it !

I’ll keep you posted !

Thanks !

Biking with my BEAST

Lately, Jake is so excited and hard to get along with that I decided to make him exercise. Since walking seem to do like… sweet nothing, I decide to go hard on him… and went biking with my Beast.

Well, he loved it ! Of course, it took us a few rides to find a way to get along well together – not roll him over, not being pulled by him, him staying to ONE side.

But I can tell you right now that it makes our relationship so much better. Jake is now so tired at night that he BEHAVE ! Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe !

And, I also have to say, Cesar (the Dog Whisperer) IS right. When you have a high energy dog, the solution to have a great relationship with it is to EXERCISE.

I think I have a great time with Jake because I used to run with him. He is used to me and we have our habits. When we ran (before my joints became so sensitive), he always did it, to my left, and never ahead of me. I also got him use to some command words, like RELAX, which means go slower and TURN, which meant to turn on the next sidewalk. And I am convinced that our running together is why biking together works so good.

Of course, the first time, Jake was so used to walk/run on the sidewalk, that he was scared to stay in the street (I know,  I have a well behaved dog 🙂 ). But I first waited until the traffic time had passed on before going biking and it helps. Now, we can bike in any traffic conditions.

I also noted that when Jake gets into real biking, dogs can bark at him and people can walk/run by him, he doesn’t care. He is so busy running that he doesn’t pay them any attention.

Jake is funny when he is running though. I can see when the switch in his brain goes to GO. Let me explain. He walks fast and suddenly, he wants to run. And I mean RUN. And so he runs, until I get scared and tell him RELAX JAKE, RELAX ! Only at that moment, he goes back to walking fast, looking at me as if I was a weak character, as if I was a pansy (which I am, really. Sorry Buddy, I will not break my arm/leg so you can have a taste of freedom).

But this is what I learned from biking with Jake :

– Walk/Run with your dog first, so you can both develop habits. I believe that falling while walking is way different from falling from a bike ride.

– Bring a POOP BAG. I think that all that exercise gets their system working. Jake stopped running in front of one of our neighbor and left a “surprise”.

– Don’t let your dog decide what you do or where you should go. You are in charge and, believe me, your furry friend WILL follow everywhere if you are a good pack leader.

– Encourage your furry friend and tell him what to do. I always tell Jake what to do and what is expected from him. It’s the best way to have him  obey me. Otherwise, he does what he wants and goes in front of me.

– Have fun.

My dog is a different dog when I exercise him. Try it and enjoy the difference !

I love America (because I can wear toe-less socks) !

As I said before in this blog, I will not only write about Jake and our life with Jake.

And today, I want to talk about something else, something completely different.

Today, I want to talk about … toeless socks. Yeah, you heard me right, toeless socks.

You might not know this about me, but I am a very simple person. I don’t do what is expected from me, but I do what I want, at least, most of the time. I love to have fun, I have the humor sense of a 14 years old boy, I love shoes, I hate people who think they are better than me because they have more money than me. I love being a mom to E and I love PC – which is why I call him PC. And I am a little cheap : I refuse to pay for stuff I will have no use or that I will not enjoy. I refused to have a traditional wedding, refused to pay an immoral amount of money to entertain people I didn’t know or didn’t like. Instead, PC and I got married alone, in front of a judge, and spent the money we saved on our first home.

Now, you might ask yourself : what does this have to do with toeless socks ?

Let me explain.

When PC moved to the North Country, he started hanging with a couple that were from around the City. The couple have been there for a little bit longer than PC and were able to told him more about the place and the people. They hit it off right away, probably because they had the same background. They liked the same things, disliked the same things and hate the same things.

But as the weeks, and later, the months passed by, something happened. I think it’s called real life. We, Jeff and I when I was there, began to realize that the people in the North Country were not as bad as we have been told they were. Heck, they were even nice ! They didn’t sleep with their animals and, for rednecks, they were pretty cool !

We actually started to prefer the company of the “rednecks” to theirs. The “rednecks” welcomed us with open arms, opened their family and friends to us. Hanging out with the “rednecks” was more fun than with them. Their children behaved better than theirs… Anyway, you get the pictures.

Now, let’s go back to my toesless socks.

Because I like to do things my way, and because I like to wear flip-flops – yeah, I like to wear them, from April to November (and sometimes later) – my mom knitted me socks that looks like this :

so I would be able to wear my flip-flips when I want.

I love them, wear them and I do so proudly. PROUDLY. When I showed my knitted-with-love socks to them – not the rednecks – the answer I got flabbergasted me. I was speechless.

“You can’t wear that in America ! No American would wear that !”

“Wow”, I answered. “It’s funny but, see, my mother knitted from an AMERICAN pattern, took in an AMERICAN booklet.”

And then, she (it was the wife) told me something people say when they have nothing else to say :

“You’ll see, nobody wears them”

Whatever. I still wear them, still wear them proudly. And you know what ? Nobody has judged me yet. And I don’t think I’ll be judged either.

Because you know what ? America doesn’t really care if I wear toe-less socks. Heck, America produced Lady Gaga and made her a millionaire !

The enticing thing about America, is that I can do WHATEVER I WANT. And if you don’t like it, just don’t look at it !

I love America !

A Trip to the Dog Park

When the weather is nice, we like to bring The Beast to the dog park. It is a good way to let him spend some of that pent up energy and to meet, for him new furry friends and for us, meet other dog owners that don’t mind talking about their dog without sounding as if we are obsessive about them (yeah, we are a little bit like that).

(Jake having fun at the dog park)

When we first start to hang out at the dog park, I realized that, even if it wasn’t written down, there is a Dog Park Etiquette. I didn’t invent it, but I sure do live by it.

And now, here is the :

Dog Park Etiquette

1. Bring your own leash/collar/dog poop bag.

2. If you bring a toy for your dog, be aware that other dogs can steal it form your dog to play with it.

3. Be careful when you open and close the door of the dog park.
Some dogs are con artists that are always on the look-out  for an escape route.

4. If you have a humper that starts to hump, YOU have to leave.
I shouldn’t have to because my Jake knows how to behave.
Oh, and don’t be proud. There is nothing be proud about.
And if you allow your dog to hump, I wonder what it says of your character.

5. If you have a bully, please invest in dog obedience lessons and change your own energy/state of mind.
Not only no dogs will want to be around yours, but dog owners will also stay away from you.

6. Your dog should have ALL his shots up to date. And that, is common sense.
I would be devastated if my Jake would get sick after a visit to the dog park.
And I would, no, I will, sue your sorry ass.

7. Please accept my apologies, and I accept yours, if my dogs jumps on you and licks your face
because you have a ball.
He is a Lab and have a *light* addictions to balls.

8. If you have an aggressive dog, don’t even come to the dog park.
Even if you keep your dog on leash, he will exude bad energy that will set the other dogs on edge.

9. If it is summer, bring your own water. I can’t go back home to get more water if Jake’s bottle is empty
and my first priority is MY dog.
(as seen on

10. Have fun and be happy. Your dog will feel it and act like a happy dog.

(Jake so happy at the dog park that he is flying)

See, it’s quite simple. The Dog Park Etiquette is not asking you for your first born and/or a pint of blood. Most of it is really common sense.

What are YOUR rules when you go to do dog park ?